10 Best guard dog breeds you should know

best guard dog breeds: Most protective pooches revealed

A dog is a man’s best friend. There is no doubt that a dog can make your life better and secure in many ways. From being a pet to a helping guide and even a guard. However, not all dogs are capable to perform all the duties. Most of the petting dogs are not guard dogs and guard dogs cannot be your aid all the time.

Different dog breeds have different qualities and different capacities. With training and their grooming, it is possible to enable those performing specific jobs. If you are looking for the best guard dog breed then you landed at the right place:

The Rottweiler

Among the best five, at the top of the list, we have The Rottweiler. The breed existed and was used by the Romans as war dogs. These dogs are robust, alert and protective. With all their smart instincts, these are sharp to take action and protect their master, herd or property. It is essential to train them well and bring them to early socialization. Training the aged Rottweiler is a tough job and cause more challenges. It is the best and assured guard dog of all time.

The Great Dane

For all the invaders the existence of The Great Dane is a real threat. If you plan to invade any property and see Great Dane coming, you should run for your life. Its side and energy make it an ideal guard dog for private properties. The breed is originally belonging to Egypt and right now growing in Germany. It is trained to be lethal and give a real tough time to invaders.

The American bulldog

It is a derived breed from English bulldog with more pain tolerance and keen observation. It is one of the efficient guard dogs that can perform patrolling and even keep an eye on the people in the surroundings. The dog has two opposite sides of loving the kids and be friendly at once and lethally aggressive on the other hand. It can make some literal dangerous moves when there is danger.

German shepherd

Commonly when you hear about guard dogs, there is a common name that comes to your mind is a German shepherd. One of the famous guard dog breeds is known for its bark and appearance. In its aggressive mood, the dog is lethal and perfect for sheep herding. It provides great protection again coyotes, wolves and even humans. Right now, it is a part of police and military dog recruits.

Belgian Malinois

Among the top five, it is the best five guard dog breed that is energetic and muscled. Having a life span of 12 to 14 years, the breed is an ideal guard dog. Conventionally it was used to guard animal packs but right now with the help of advanced training, it is one of military and police dogs.

Bottom line

Among the best guard dog breeds, you have the opportunity to select as per requirement. It is not essential to come up with the best and only options. You can select a breed according to your kind of protection. Not all dogs of a breed are military or police dogs. It is always about training them to be sharp and smart and deal with danger.

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