Top 5 best dog cages 2021 (REVIEWS)

If you are camping or traveling continuously or you want to buy a permanent cage for your doggie friend, then you have to select wisely. It will be useful to you to do some home search before buying a cage. It must fulfill your requirements.

In the market, there is a wider range of dog cages available at reasonable prices. Even only in the USA, there are 50 types of dog product companies available that are designing cages differently. May some type of cages satisfy you and give your dog full relaxation, but these are hard to choose.

Today, here we are present with top 5 best dog cages (reviews). In this review article, we have picked the top 5 best dog cages with the help of many professional dog trainers. By reading this, you will do not further need to do a home search for dog cages. In the end, we have linked a buying guide regarding this topic; and features are briefed separately. We have added a few pros and cons for buyer’s satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to have a durable, well-designed and professional recommended dog cage for your pet friend, then let dig some deeper!

1Precision Pet By Petmate 2 Door Great Crate

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2New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

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3MidWest Homes For Pets Dog Crate

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4Carlson Pet Products Secure And Foldable Dog Crate

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5AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door

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1.Precision Pet by Petmate 2 Door Great Crate for dogs

The precision pet is a dog product brand that always designed something new for pet dogs. Today we have included bestselling dog cage by this brand named “Precision pet by Petmate 2 door great crate.” This cage is simply reliable and space saver dog crate.

The precision pet is featured by a durable security lock with 5 point Precision lock system. It will keep your dog secure in the cage. The crate is designed roughly with folding metal (about two inches). This makes the cage able to carry for traveling and camping.

A precision pet dog cage is made for extra-large dogs. It comes with the measurement of 48 x 30 x 33 inches; whether it carries 9 pounds weight approximately. Now, you can place this cage at any corner of your home, because the company designed Precision pet cage with double-sided doors. It is only why the company knows as extra larger dog breeds want easiness, so it offers convenient entrance and existence for your dog.

We have divider panel in this cage, which makes the cage portable for little pups in their growing age; they can go where ever they want to in the cage. It has rounded corners, and a protective cage door that gives surety about a precision pet dog crate is a snag-free dog cage. Further, this 48 inches bigger dog cage is furnished with a heavy gauge (rust-resistant) wire. This wire is coated with black color, which seems attractive.

The Precision pet dog cage offers an adjustable pet crate, which is most comfortable to clean simple to place. You can clean easily remove this dog crate and clean with a wet towel. This same model of Precision pet Cage is available in multiple sizes like XS, S, L, and extra-large.


  • Removable dog crate
  • 48 inches bigger dog cage
  • Multiple sizes like, XS, S, L, and extra-large
  • Roughly folded with durable metal
  • Double sided doors
  • Divider panel in this cage
  • Easy to carry.
  • Simple to place.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durability confirmed.
  • Affordable dog gift.
  • Designed with rust resistant metal.
  • Not available globally.
  • Not suitable for chewy pet dogs.

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2.New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New world invented a dog cage with great versatility. The name of this dog cage is “new world folding metal dog crate.” Often dog cages are designed with folding metal and they offer dog crates; similarly, the new world also made up of a dog cage with the crate. It means fully reliable and convenient for pet dogs. They can sleep easily in the cage now.

This admirable dog cage is structured with a (folding metal) single door, and it means proper security. The door is specially made with heavy-duty slide bolts that keep your dog protective in his home.

The total measurement of new world folding cage is about 48 x 30 x 33 inches. This dimension is fit for extra larger breeds about (91 to 110 lbs) weighted dogs can use this cage easily. Further, the crate style of the cage is plastic made and leakage proof.

This new world crate with cage is the most affordable and useful, and it became the most selling dog cage of this year. The cage accumulates simply without heavy tools. You can simply fold the cage and store it where ever you want.

Majority dog owners love to carry new world cage for traveling, and this would be the best choice for braking dogs. Now you can put your dog safe in the cage outside of your home. In the end, new world folding metal cage can fulfill your requirements, which you are always looking for.


  • Structured with (folding metal) single door
  • Heavy duty slide bolts
  • Plastic made crate with leakage proof quality
  • Can be accumulated without tools
  • Most selling cage by new world pet
  • Easy to use.
  • Durability guaranteed.
  • Leakage proof crate.
  • Best quality folding designed.
  • Not designed for little pups.
  • Not available throughout the world.
  • Only single door.

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3.MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest homes for pets manufacturers always invent something new and different. Recently the company introduces a pet dog cage with all the appropriate qualities. The name of this incredible pet cage is “Midwest homes for pets dog crate.” in actual crates are mostly designed with cages; it is why these cages resemble as crates.

Well, we have this double door dog cage with a free divider panel, which makes this cage for heavy-duty. Now do not worry about your dog security due to presence of these divider panels. These panels will provide great expending to your dog. After that this cage + crate has a durable dog try, in which your dog can have the best sleeping time.

The Midwest homes cage has a carrying handle, by which you can carry and place the cage easily as per on your ease. Also, it comes with 4 roller feet (wheeling feet) that will protect your home floor.

The Midwest homes cage is designed with extra-large folding doors that make this cage ideal for extra-large dog breeds. In this cage, you can put all the adult dogs with the weight of 90 to 110 lbs. The total measurement of this cage is about 48 x 30 x 33 inches.

Undoubtedly, Midwest homes dog cage is the safest place for dogs. No problem if you are at home or not, this cage will keep your dog secure anyhow. It has heavy-duty slides bolts handles that keep the crate lock with cage and provide full protection.

No extra tools are required for the Midwest homes cage; you can assemble this cage within seconds easily. This cage is a flat type cage, so; you can carry this cage with a crate for traveling.


  • free divider panel
  • slides bolts handles
  • rolling feet
  • assembles without heavy tools
  • extra-large folding doors
  • flat type cage
  • Easy assembling.
  • Simple to carry.
  • Flat type designing.
  • Secure dog cage.
  • Durability not confirmed.
  • Not suitable for.

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4.Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Dog Crate

A well-known pet products company CARLSON invents our second last dog cage. This company offered many useful and appropriate pet products in the past. Recently this brand presented a dog cage with full convenient designing and quality. The name of this dog cage is “Carlson pet products secure and foldable dog crate.”

As every dog cage is designed with a dog crate, and Carlson pet products cage is also included in these. This amazing dog cage comes with dark black color, which makes this cage most attractive and unique. Further, it comes with multiple sizes from small to intermediate dogs. No problem what size of your dog is? The company has something reliable for your friend.

The total dimension of this cage is about 36 x 23 x 25 inches, respectively; which makes this cage perfect for intermediate-sized dogs. Carlson pet products dog cage is made-up of steel with single door designing. Also, a security lock system is designed that keeps your dog safe and secure in the cage.

No problem if your dog has dirty paws and ugly body, this cage with a crate is very easy to wash and simple to clean. Through the black color coating, you can wash this cage easily; there is no more worry for the rust. The Carlson pet products dog cage has come with easy adjustment, and simple folding. Now you can carry this cage with you for traveling and picnic.

The Carlson pet products dog cage can adjust more the 70 lbs weighted dog breeds easily. Now make your dog ready for an adventurous trip and carry this security cage anyhow. It is about 22 pounds heavier, but you can simply assemble the cage in every corner of your home.


  • Full convenient designing
  • Black color coating for rust resistance
  • Easy adjustment
  • Suitable for intermediate dog breeds
  • Double doors
  • Made with quality steel
  • Security lock is available
  • Easy to carry due to folding designing.
  • Durability guaranteed.
  • Unique and attractive.
  • Security provider dog cage.
  • Not available globally.
  • Not recommended for chewy doggies.

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5.AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Our last dog cage is most favorite dog cage for the users. Majority people love to buy and use this cage for their pet dogs. The name of our ideal dog cage is “amazonbasics single door dog cage,” which is designed by our famous pet products company amazonbasics.

Well by the name, you can easily get an idea about the cage that the cage offers you single door designing to your dog. The single door front entry means your dog will get more security, and you will be tension free. The entry door has slide bolts door latches, which keep your dog cage more secure and easy to shut and open.

The amazonbasics dog cage is fully constructed with durable metal; it is why we recommended this cage for active dogs. The designing offers easy folding; it means you may carry this cage in your car for traveling purpose. The portability of this cage makes it most convenient for the dog owners.

The black color makes the amazonbasics cage more unique and advanced. Also, the cage has a removable plastic pan, through your dog can spend a relaxing time in the cage easily. We have an optional divider panel in the door for proper security and easy hangout.

The amazonbasics single door dog cage is an idyllic dog cage for all the dog breeds, because it comes with an appropriate measurement 42 x 28 30 inches. It was all which we have described; now make your-self ready to buy this optimum dog cage for your medium/large sized dog breeds.


  • slide bolts door latches
  • Divider panel
  • removable plastic pan
  • designed with durable metal
  • optimum folding designing
  • great adjustment
  • Easy to carry.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Ideal for medium and large dog breeds.
  • An affordable dog cage.
  • Folding designing.
  • Not available globally.
  • Risk of damage due to chew.

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The dog cage is essential for all the dogs who bark a lot. Majority people love to use cages for dog security and traveling purpose. In the cages we have a great variety; some are designing with folding feature while few are covered cages. A good quality cage is designed with plastic pan (crate) anyhow; in which a dog can spend his quality time at the day or night. Also, a cage has divider panel; through your dog can enter and exit in the cage. Some cages made with steel and few may be constructed with other metals. If your pockets allow you then choose one of our picked dog cages and make your dog happy and safe.

Customer buying guide for dog cages:

How to choose a dog cage?

Before buying a dog crate, remember one thing that, if you are doing the training of your canine friend, then he/she may damage your favorite one cage. However, it will be most important for a pit-bull, terrier, or Portuguese owner to buy a good quality cage for their pups.

Further, you are a golden mind, so stay connected with your dog and try to know the mental strength and temperament of your friend and then buy a cage as per on the nature of your fiend. In the market there are tons of varieties are available for the cages. Every cage comes with a manual book, in which all the suitability is described, just read it and do little bit and homework for the best dog cage. On the other side, by reading a few guide articles, you can buy the right cage for your dog.

Is caging a dog cruel?

Often innocent people think that caging or crating a dog looks cruel, but in actual, this is never cruel. Although by caging, you can give your dog a security sense. Proper cage training will highly effect on you and your dog bonding, which will be useful for over his life. By using a cage, you can secure your new dog friend.

Types of dog cages:

The main determination of a dog cage is to provide a safe and secure relaxing time. A dog cage must be comfortable and relaxing; by which dog can spend his most time there without any disturbance. In the market, we have many choices regarding dog cages, which all are very good (from little pups to extra-larger dogs).

Few dog cages are specially designed as a dog house, and they make them feel as a sleeping room, and rest are made up with sturdy metals to protect your dog for outdoor traveling. Well, we have genuinely five different categories in the dog cages including;

  1. Plastic dog crates
  2. Soft-sided dog crates
  3. Fashion dog crates
  4. Wire dog crate
  5. Heavy duty dog crates
  • Plastic dog cages:

These dog cages are pretty wonderful in looks. These cages are not much heavy and completely covered. These cages are providing portable attachment for the pet dogs, which worth their confidence. Plastic dog cages often come with different sizes; in which we keep our all type of dog breeds.

These dog cages may be difficult to clean by their sturdy walls; also these cages are more congested instead of other metal dog cages.

  • Soft-sided dog cages:

A soft sided dog cage seems cute in looks. These cages are specially designed for the private and cozy enclosure. In these cages, a pet dog can move easily, which is why people love to purchase soft-sided cages for their canine friend. The bottom of these cages is not easy to clean; it requires a lot of efforts of yours. We must recommend soft-sided dog cages for small dog breeds only, infect active adult dogs can tear the sides easily. The fabric made designing makes these cages poor for taking an unknown dog place.

  • Fashion dog cage:

A fashion dog crate is similar to the fashionable piece of your home furniture. These cages are specially made for looking great and designed with a specific color combination that easily can suits all kind of home decor. A fashion dog cage is designed with a comfortable and luxurious enclosure.

Often these cages made from wood, so we can consider these cages with the middle type of durability. A dog can spend more time in this cage without getting tired. May this wooden cage make your dog jaws week than other cages. These cages are best for chewy pups. Further, the fashion dog cages are best for those owners who love to set their homes with their pet friends.

  • Wire dog cages:

Wire dog cages are most wondering and most favorite of dogs. These cages allow your dog to look outside easily; also these are more ventilated then other dog cages. Simply wire made dog cages are very easy to clean; you can wipe out the wire made walls within a few seconds.

These cages are the best option for all those dog breeds who do not want to enclose in a particular space. The designing of the wire dog cages is unexceptional; you can adjust them where ever you want. Few models of wire dog cages are specially designed for traveling.

  • Heavy-duty dog cages:

Heavy-duty dog cages cages are specially designed for all the rowdy pet dogs. We can consider heavy duty dog cages as a buffed version of wire crates. These cages are robustly designed and come with high prices, but their quality is incompatible. They have thickest bars in the structure, in which you can keep your crazy dog easily without breaking a candy.

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