Top 10 Best Wireless And Electric Dog Fences Reviews 2021

When the point is about dog safety, there are a great number of items created. All those product have the aim to take massive care of your pup without any risk factor. Those items could be smart collar, monitoring system, and undoubtedly wireless and electric dog fences. Besides the main function of dog fence to take care, it also helps you in making your dog restrained and disciplined.

Furthermore, each of the dog fence manufacturers has it personal way to make. But, the goal of each is to use the best electric power and design for the dog fence to enable the user to make most of it.

When it comes to wireless electric dog fences, it gets into the size of animal and make him controlled while moving. It perfectly works in all seasons without consideration of fluctuations in weather. It makes the dog clearly understand his limits that are within the perimeter.


However, we all know that the entire dog product market has an extensive range of products. This makes quite difficult for the customer to buy the best and ultimate quality product within budget. Regardless to this, we got you covered for making purchase of wireless and electric dog fence.

List of Best Wireless And Electric Dog Fences


1PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

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2PetSafe stay and Play Wireless

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3 SportDOG Brand In-Ground fence

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4Extreme Dog Fence

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5Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence

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6NeoPaw Wireless Dog Fence

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7AngelaKerry Wireless

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8OCEVEN Dog Fence

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9PetWorld Outdoor

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10Realhunlee Wireless

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Here in this writ, mentioning the top ten best wireless and electric dog fences reviews that are perfect to buy for all dog owners.

1)   PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

For sure, installing wires to control your dog from going par the boundaries is quite hectic and consumes a lot of time. If this is also your issue, then get this PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence. It offers you convenience and creates a barrier surrounding your yard. This fence provides you the circular coverage of fine half an acre. This will enable your animal to get back to home whenever they goes wrong to crosses the boundaries. It is a considerable dog fence for camping, picnic, vacation homes, and adventure. Also, it comes with a comforting collar that adapts the size of dog.

  • Makes your dog learn.
  • Dogs do not feel bad.
  • Shock do not cause pain.
  • Units are great.
  • Its stimulation could be longer.

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2)   PetSafe stay and Play Wireless Fence:

Notably, this is the second fence by PetSafe in this list. It is because of its ultimate quality and features. This wireless dog fence is a perfect fit for stubborn dogs. Definitely, all the dog owners want a product that won’t hurt their loved one. This fits the requirement. Besides this, it also trains your dog within the turnaround time of two weeks.. The advantage this dog fence offers is that it lets more than one dog to get protected and trained at the same time. However, if you need to train more dogs then consider buying additional dog collars. Each of its necklaces is rechargeable and comes with its charger and notifies you when charging needed.

The installation of this dog fence is also quite simple and easy. To install this dog fence, all you need is to align the flags with the ground, set on the transmitter, make your animal wear the collar and then finally begin training your pup.

  • Circular coverage of ¾ acres..
  • Wireless design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Need to clear your mind about its installation.

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3)   SportDOG Brand In-Ground fence:

This is the dog fence that covers 1 to 1/3 acres of land for just one dog. It comes with all the required things needed for covering the land. With some more flags and wires, you can expand for extra coverage. Similar to all other top-level brands, this dog fence system is also resistant to water and has a battery of 9 volt that is durable for 6 to 12 months. The collar is perfect for the dogs having 10 pounds weight and more. It beeps and vibrates if the dog tries to go above par. Also, if the dog never goes beyond the boundaries, the collar will go up to 1 to 4 level of stimulation. Note that, the level of stimulation varies. In this regard, set the one that is best suitable for you.

  • Long length wire.
  • Easy to follow and apply instructions.
  • Potentially prevents the dog crossing the boundary.
  • Quick results.
  • The size of battery is bulky.

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4)   Extreme Dog Fence Containment System:

Only its brand is not considerable, but the quality and features it offers. Actually, this dog fence system is rugged avails you good one year warranty on its electronics. Also, the specifications of this dog fence system are unparallel to each other. It contains three antennas, 6 acre of cable covering area, 2 battery checks, and five basic level fences to select. Moreover, this fence system is easily compatible to 5 dogs.

This dog containment system has quite reliable operating mechanism that is available in the market for almost 25 years. Also, its manufacturer assures for the high level quality and safety of your pup. Also, this system ensures for the durability regardless of the harsh conditions.

  • Progressive correction collar.
  • Two steal contacts of different sizes.
  • Electronic chip ranging 25-acre land area.
  • Water submersible collar.
  • A lot of accessories.
  • No options for the size of collar.

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5)   Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence

Far away from the traditional fence brand, there are other different brands that are trying to make their position in the pet market. This is how the market have a better and advance model electric dog fence.

Each of its transmitters can cover almost 20 acres of land with hidden electric fencing. However, you need to burry its gauge, that is a water-resistant and IP7 copper wire. This is the point that connects the dog to a waterproof rechargeable collar. Its function is to evaluate the distance in between the animal and limit. Also, for sure it increases the level of correctness as much possible. This electric fence is better for the preparation stage of dogs. It is because it comes it such characteristics like progressive vibration for both puppies and adults, warning tones, and it is considerable for those dogs who have violent and stubborn behavior.

But, its downside is that, being a wireless system, still wires can be seen. Regardless of these points, wiring never detached or disrupts it from operation.

  • 500 ft area covers.
  • Functional in freezing point.
  • Has unlimited collars.
  • Ideal for stubborn dogs.
  • 10 seconds shock.
  • Wires are visible.

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6)   NeoPaw Wireless Dog Fence System:

The main reason we mentioned this in our list is that it has a wireless transmitter. This enables you to more wherever you want to with the transmitter in hand. It allows you to set it instantly for effective working. Also, it has quite fresh and modern design that is comforting for dogs.

Its transmitter is powered by a battery that needs recharging. But tt does not require over and over charging because its battery lasts for almost 18 hours. But yes, charging transmitter takes time. the transmitter can easily cover 2 acres of land and enough to keep an eye on dog around the boundary.

Its wireless receiver comes with quite decent battery live. But it is not good to wear more than 8 hours per day. Its collar easily gets fit into dog’s neck because of its buckle belt. This is a new brand in the market so its reliability is a bit low. However, it is a perfect choice for dog owners.

  • Good value.
  • Has wireless transmitter.
  • Ideal for picnic and outdoor activities.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Buckle design collar.
  • Charging takes time.
  • Not a known brand yet.

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7)   AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Containment System:

We included this in our list because it is newest edition in Dog market, and also it is a next level thing. This dog fence brand uses GPS, the popular phone technology. This potential device covers for about 800 meters/496 acres of coverage area. With the unique use of GPS, it disrupted the dog market and going above the bar. Moreover, it is also making the dog owners happy.

It is the best value electric dog fence is quite reasonable prices. The range from the transmitter is also amazing. However, the collar receiver of this dog fence is a bit heavy. But, still, it is able to get fit in most of the dogs. It is an ideal fit for the medium to larger size dogs because of its heavier weight. Its heavy weight does not make it perfect for small dogs. Its functioning is substantial and looks are just fine.


In place of radio frequency, it uses GPS technology. This shows that it does not give electric shock to dog without covering the boundary that could be because of any malfunction. Also, this fence assures that due to inaccessibility of GPS signals the dog will not get shock.

Its battery life is durable; it lasts for about 8 hours after complete charging. And complete charging takes 2 hours. It is a worthy electric dog fence to invest your money on.

  • Great range of 800 meters.
  • Uses GPS to prevent glitches.
  • Reasonable in rates.
  • Rainproof electric dog fence.
  • Comes with 7 static adjustability levels.
  • Heavy for small dogs.
  • Varied reviews from pet owners.

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8)   OCEVEN Dog Fence System:

This dog fence system comes in this list because of its new level security system. It makes use of GPS technology to enlarge the accuracy and coverage for finding the core point.

The most potential thing about this dog fence is its objects or metals that disrupt in between the signals of the fence. This fence radius get adjusts from 20 to 800 meters. It requires the dog to train for about 3 weeks. You can cut down this time only of the dog is stimulated with small static shocks that increases from 0 to 3 and never hurts the animal.

You need to select the central points of this wireless range for starting it. Then, press the P buttons on the collar for adjusting its radius to the range. And you can extend it from 2 to 90 as the exact limit is 800 meters.

Do you know
This dog fence also allows you to develop a satellite connection. This is possible only when the moment shows the stable 00. This gets positioned by itself and this gets done for getting the test done.

Lastly, this OCEVEN wireless dog electric fence is quite lightweight and innovative. It comes with a perfect necklace for those who love technology. It’s design is modern, economical and functional, all at once.

  • To measure distance it uses GPS technology.
  • Comes with safe training mode.
  • Good technical support.
  • Operation is tricky.

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9)   PetWorld Outdoor Electric Dog Fences:

This is the wireless dog fence that’s radius range from 500 feet. This outdoor wireless dog fence is an ideal piece for the dogs having 10 to 110 Lbs of weight. This can get easily adjusted from 82 to 500 feet.

Furthermore, its installation process is quite simple and easy. For installation, you need to configure the transmitter and collar of fence then with the available markers, flag the yard. Also, this dog fence never shows you any technical issues because of its new level 433 Mhz technology.

However, along with a lot of positive points, it also has some issues. This fence does not include an flexible static correction. It alerts when the dog tries to reach the boundary, but it does not let you to set or adjust the level of static shock dog needs to face.

Battery Capacity Feature

It comes with fair battery capacity. For daily use, you need to charge it regularly. It would be an issue if you forget to charge as you won’t be able to use it. It comes with an indicator that ranges from 10 to 100 and that is for the selection of boundary range. To increase the boundary, you need to move further.

Furthermore, this dog containment system is water-resistant. This shows that you never need to worry about its malfunctioning or shock at the time of raining. Also, it assures to bear all the dirt your dog has.

So, this Dog fence is a good buy.

  • Boundaries can adjusted.
  • Collar is resistant to water.
  • Price range is affordable.
  • No adjustability for static rate.
  • Battery life not good.
  • No high level advantages.

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10) Realhunlee Wireless Electric Dog Fence System:

So the last product we added in this list is by Realhunlee, a new dog fence seller in market. However, it’s electric dog fence system comes with all the ultimate quality specifications that makes it stand out among competitors. The range from transmitter is excellent of almost 500 meters. It functions similar to the most dog alarms and has a remote control too.

The boundary for dog according to transmitter is 500 meters. And if your dog tries to reach or cross that boundary, it alerts and sends a shock that does not harm your dog. Also, you are allowed to set the range of meters in the transmitter from 20 to 500 meters. With big double or triple-story houses, it is an efficient choice.

Remote Control Feature
The remote control of this fence system enables you to control this easily. The finest thing about this system is its adjustable intensity of 100 levels. This allows you to set a safe shock according to the temperament of dog.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. It has durable battery life of 9 hours and requires 2 hours to get completely recharged. We think that its battery life is not too good. At least, it should last for one day.

  • Great range of 500 meters.
  • Ideal choice for those living in big houses.
  • Acquires short and long touch points.
  • Has a remote control with a range of 500 meters.
  • Good range of price.
  • Battery performance not too good.
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Buying Guide about Wireless Electric Dog Fence:

If you want to buy a dog fence, then there are a lot of things and points you need to consider. As it is a big investment, so make sure to buy the one most suitable for you. Here is a detailed buying guide about wireless electric dog fence by which you can assess your exact features according to your needs.

So, What Is A Wireless Dog Fence?

A wireless dog fence actually trains your dog to stay with the set boundaries and never to cross that. The pack of wireless dog fence includes a transmitter, some flags, and a receiver or dog collar.

There is a great variety of dog fences you can find in market. This is what makes quite tricky to choose the one that suits your needs. Each of the dog fences has different features and specifications making it a suitable for different needs.

If your dog is stubborn and do not listen you and usually runs, when you are definitely in need to buy a dog fence to teach your dog never cross his boundaries.

Points to Consider For Choosing the Perfect Electric Dog Fence:

Choosing the perfect electric wireless dog fence is for sure a difficult task. it is because of various factors and points  you need to consider. Here are some of the major points you need to consider for choosing the perfect electric and wireless electric dog fence.

·        Area Coverage:

The foremost thing you should consider is the approximate area you need to cover from your transmitter. This evaluates that at what area range your dog will limit and receive the buzzer. For this, the simple thing is to measure the area in which you keep your dog. It will be the boundary for your dog to not reach. Measure from one point to the end point, and then buy the fence that is able to cover the radius of almost half area of the total measure.

·        Battery Type:

Another point to consider when you buy an electric dog fence is the battery type. The only two things this point relates to is a non-rechargeable, use and throw battery and a rechargeable battery. Now, the best recommendation is to get the fence with rechargeable battery because a non-rechargeable battery will surely lead you to issues. So buy the fence with rechargeable battery and also check the durability of battery. Buy the fence having a long lasting battery to make it last longer.

·        Static Correction Adjustability:

So, this one is crucial point to consider. We all know that all dogs are different from each other and also their temperament is different from each other. In this regard, level of static correction that work for every dog will also be different. Some dogs may bear too low static correction or some dogs learn by too much of static correction. So only you, the dog owner knows how much static correction your dog can bear. In this regard, make sure to buy the fence that offers you adjustability of static correction. Then set the static correction according to the temperament of your dog. And, also know the level in which you know your dog will learn not to cross that certain boundary you set.

·        Water – Resistance:

Dogs love to play outdoor whether its rain or sunshine. So, you should get the dog fence resistant to water. It allows you to use that in rain too. As dogs love to play, so, water-resistant will allows playing them in rain and water.

·        Installation:

We know that the wireless dog fence are better than the wired ones because they offers convenience of installation and use. But still, there comes some special fences that requires you to give extra time for installation, that could be hazardous. In this regard, only consider buying the electric dog fence that is easy to install and operate. This way you want feel hectic or troublesome while working for your little pup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are wireless dog fence usable during fence?

  1. Yes, for sure you can use an electric and wireless dog fence when it’s raining. But keep in mind to use the fence while it is just drizzling. However, when its proper pouring rain then it will be hazardous. It is important because the rain is barrier to electric signals so rain can hinder the signals and your pet can receive shocks or signals without any mistake. Definitely, you never want this to happen. So don’t use electric wireless dig fence when it pouring rain.

Q2. Which one is better, wired or wireless =?

  1. Wireless dog fence are always better. It is because they are new generation electric static powered dog fence. So when we compare the two dog fences, wireless dog fences are better and beneficial than the wires and in-ground dog fences. Furthermore, if you own a huge yard, still it won’t be convenient to install an in-ground fence and also if any of the wire gets torn or broken so it will be a big issue because you cannot directly or easily find the exact wire or same solution. While, on the other hand, wireless ones offers more convenience and easiness. These are smaller in size and have quite few accessories to manage.

Q3. Are wireless fences really helpful?

  1. Definitely, wireless fences get created in a manner that teaches your dog to not cross the boundary you set. It warns your dog through a buzzer and a mild shock when he tries to cross the boundary you set. Most of the wireless fences trains your dog in the time period of two to four weeks.

Q4. Do these dog fences hurt dogs?

  1. Never, these dog fences are created in a way that gives your dogs a mild and harmless static correction. Even, it completely teaches your dog in two to three weeks and makes him able to recognize his boundary and never crosses it.

Q5. Is wireless dog fence suitable for puppy?

  1. Our suggestion in this regard is no. even though, these static correction shocks are entirely harmless, still it can end up creating issues for puppies. It could become a tough task for a puppy to connect the shock with boundaries and for sure this will never train them. So, wait for that particular time when your pup is ready to deal with this trainer.

Final Words:

This is the detailed guide about electric and wires dog fences. These dog fences are very much effective for your dog to train them know about his boundaries. Don’t think it will hurt your animal because the shock is extremely mild and do not hurt only teaches to not cross the boundary.

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