Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

The mattress is one of the most valuable things to purchase for every individual’s life, because every human spends almost half of their life sleeping. In the light of this argument, your pooch deserves an even better bed, because they spend time in snoozing more than humans. There are number important reasons that you pooch require a quality bed, a good quality bed makes him comfy and minimize arthritis pain and protect dog’s joints as he ages. In this article, I am reviewing big barker orthopedic bed. Read a full review to know more about it.

Why Big Barker?

The large and giant canines require more comfortable bed because the joint problems can be more severe. Finding a good quality comfortable bed could be challenging and that where the Big Braker dives in.

As the name describes the Big Barker Orthopaedic Bed is specifically designed for giant dogs. Due to many reasons, it is widely considered as the best dog bed.


Features the Big Barker includes
  • Support and Comfort Foam. USA made 7 inch, high-quality support and comfort foam
  • Optional Waterproof Liner. As senior canines facing inconsistent, Big Barker offers optional waterproof liner to deal with accidental situations
  • 100% Won’t Flatten Guarantee. It comes with 10 years money back won’t flatten guarantee
  • Highly Loved By Owners. It is one of the highly loved products by the user and highest rated dog bed on Amazon

Why it is best from Rest?

It’s pretty difficult to find the extra large bed that provides support for giant dog. Big Barkers uses a pressure sensor device known as Tactilus to find how other bed offering companies supports pressure points for extra large canine. It is sad that many other popular companies failed to provide comfort to owner’s four-legged baby.

However, after reading the many customers reviews the Big Barker conducted the study know each and every problem that customers are facing and to provides the best quality product by minimizing them to an extent.

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Designed for Giant Canines

As much as I know this bed is one and only bed designed especially for large, Ex-large and giants canines.  It comes in three different sizes.

  • Large (48” x 30” 7”)
  • Ex-large (52” x 36” x 7”)
  • Giant (60” x 48” x 7”)

Also it comes in three different sizes

  • Brown (chocolate
  • Burgundy
  • Khaki

Material Used

Most bed available across market uses 3 to 4 inches of foam but the Big Barker has beaten everyone, manufacturer advertised to use 7 inch foam layer. It features:

H10 Foam: This H10 comfortable soft foam provides more comfort to canine to lie on.

H45 Foam: This H45 firm foam hold never let the structure to de-shape and keep the dog’s body exalted from ground.

The lower 2” inch layer is of H10 followed by 3” H45 layer and upper layer is again of H10 to make your dog feel comfy.

Having a pet is the most amazing feeling, so it’s important to think about their comfort. This Big Barker 7 inch orthopedic is an excellent and comfortable product. Make this product you first priority without any hesitation.
  • Excellent for large canines.
  • 7” foam Keeps your dog elevated form ground to minimize arthritis pain.
  • Made in USA.
  • 100% no flatten guarantee.
  • Accompanies optional waterproof liner.
  • Comes in three different sizes and colors.
  • Little bit expensive in price.

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