Big Shrimpy Faux Suede Dog Bed Review

Like many other, this Big Shrimpy Faux Suede Dog Bed is versatile and quite reliable. It comes in four different sizes such as Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. This dog bed can easily accommodate more 100 lbs dog. By looking carefully in different sizes you can find the perfect bed size that excellently fit your pooch.

Having a small dog such as Maltese, Pomeranian, Pug, Chihuahua or Papillon means you need a small size bed that fits nicely- a small sized Big Shrimpy Dog Bed would be a perfect fit.

Customer’s Feedback?

This Big Shrimpy has many satisfied customer and positive feedback but some of the recent consumers complained that even after fluffing the memory foam stuffing packs down quickly. Another Bullmastiff owner complained that it doesn’t appear too comfortable as they were expecting.

Big Shrimpy Overview

The top of this Big Shrimpy is made of faux tough suede material and the bottom is made of stiff nylon pack cloth. The ripstop nylon inner liner is odour resistant and protects the foam from liquids. The liner and Smartfill fibre filling can be dried and washed directly in the machine. You can see more orthopedic dog bed range to choose the best.



Big Shrimpy Faux Suede Dog Bed Review

Key Features
  • Waterproof and odour resistant inner liner
  • Provides extra cushioning with Smartfill Fiber Filling
  • 81% recycled material made
  • The outer cover comes in 10 different colours
  • Some parts can be replaced
  • Can be recycled
  • Bottom and sides are sturdy packed
  • Comes with 3 years limited warranty
This Big Shrimpy comes in four different sizes

  • Small ( 29” x 23” x 6”) 4 lbs product weight
  • Medium (35” x 29” x 6”) 5.5 lbs product weight
  • Large ( 47” x 35” x 6”) 16 lbs product weight
  • Extra large (59” x 47” x 6” ) 27.6 lbs product weight


The bed has an outer cover and recycled stuffed poly fiber inner liner.

Poly fiber: Poly fiber or a polyester fiber is made of recycled plastic particle which is machine washable and offers good support and cozy feel.

See more orthopedic dog beds to pick the best from a wide range of dog beds.

Inner liner: The inner liner is made of ripstop nylon which is water resistant as well as odour resistant. It has one side zipper. Also, the cover can be washed directly in a machine.

Outer Cover:  Overall the outer cover is tough made; the top sleeping surface is made of soft faux suede while the base and sides are made of 420 denier black pack cloth. The top Faux Suede comes in 11 different colours. The side zipper enables you to remove filling easily when needed.


To avoid the inconvenience, it’s better to check your dog size before purchasing any of them. The best way to measure is measure from nose tip to tail tip and add foot to it.

Small: Suitable for 20 lbs breeds

Medium: Suitable for 55 lbs breeds

Large: Suitable for 110 lbs breeds

Ex-large: Suitable for more than 100 lbs breeds

The Big Shrimpy Nest Faux Suede Dog Bed is an excellent quality product that comes in different colours and sizes which gives you multiple options for choosing. The unique design around the bed makes it comfortable and provides excellent cushioning for extra large breeds.
  • Excellent for heavy chewers.
  • Have removable stuffing.
  • Zippered liner and cover.
  • All material and stuffing is washable.
  • Well made.
  • The filling could be adjusted as needed.
  • Recycled filling.
  • Over-filled (amount can be adjusted as needed).
  • Puffs up every time when dog steps on it.
  • Gets lumpy after several use.

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