Can you feed your dog with potatoes?

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? – Does Raw Potatoes Good or Bad for Dogs

Dogs are food lovers. It is common to have your dog taking rounds on your feet when you are preparing food. No matter if, it is your cuisine or dog special food. Even if you feed your dog and sit for your meal, with a cute puppy face it will be sitting right beside you. The eyes have such cute request that you can never ignore.

It is the time when you are stuck with the question of what you should feed your dog and whatnot. There is no doubt that dogs are different from humans. Food combinations we eat are not that effective for dogs in general. Therefore, we end up with confusion every time.

Are potatoes healthy for dogs?

If you have to decide right in a moment, then yes. These are enriched with iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. All these minerals are essential for dogs and help them to have better growth and energy. It helps to support the immune system and nervous system development and stability as well.

Even if the potatoes are good for your dog’s health, still there are certain considerations it requires. You cannot give a raw or half cook potato to your dog. A raw potato does contain solanine that can affect your dog’s health.

How to give potatoes to your dog?

Make sure the potato is properly cooked with no seasoning. By cooking, you can remove solanine from the potato and makes it digestible for dogs. Still, it is not good to give potatoes daily to your dog. It is fine to have it on alternative days.

Potatoes can be dangerous and a no-goes area for your diabetic dog. Not all the starch and nutrients even in cooked potatoes are good for diabetics. It can result in them have higher surge levels and will cause a bad impact on their health.

Can you give dog potatoes that you are eating?

Here comes another major question, can you share your potato meal with your dog? Of Couse not. What we eat is no suitable for dogs all the time. Specifically, the potato style that we eat is not favourable for dogs. For dogs, you need to make the season free and properly cooked potatoes.

The seasoning in our food such as mashed potatoes, fried potatoes or baked potatoes is indigestible for dogs. It is essential to give them specific and especially cook a potato.

Bottom line

It is good to share food with your dogs but not everything. Potatoes are a safe food for the dogs but you have to prepare them especially to feed dogs. If you are having baked potatoes then makes sure to peel it, wash it so there will be no seasoning on it and feed your dog.

Avoid giving potatoes to dogs too much as it can cause them issues and lead to an increase in their weight at the same time. Plan a balanced diet operation for dogs and make them have physical activity. Potatoes are not a restriction for your dog at all. Therefore, you can be comfortable feeding them to the dog but properly cooked only.

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