Solutions to deal with stinky dog breath

Bad breath is one of the drastic problems that humans face. It never feels good to smell bad or meet someone with the issue. However, what if the issue persists with your pet dog? It is the most unbearable issue that you can ever have.

Observing the bad breath of your dog is difficult and you cannot be rude with your pet at the same time. Therefore, eventually, you need to find out its reason and deal with it. No matter whatever the reason, the smell comes due to a lack of oral hygiene. Here are some tips that can help you to deal with the situation:


It is difficult to brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush is difficult. You can resolve the bad smell problems with a regular doggy dentist visit or at home cleaning. However, not all dogs are comfortable with the practice. They give you a hard time during the activity. Big carrots can solve the problem meanwhile. Give them a carrot and when they chew it, the carrot will work like a brush to rub off the plaque from their mouth. Along with healthy snacking, it will automatically clean the teeth.


Citrus like lemon is the natural deodorizer and anti-bacterial as well. When a bad smell is a real problem and you know the dog requires some bacterial disinfection, then lemon is there its rescue. It helps to cut out all bacteria and smell from the dog’s mouth. All you need is to add a few drops of lemon juice to your dog’s water bowl. And the job is done.

Natural tooth cleaner – coconut oil

If your dog is not comfortable with menthol or flavoured toothpaste then you need to look out for a natural alternative. Coconut oil is the non-reactive and best tooth cleaner for dogs. It helps to give a nice and clean shine to the teeth. Moreover, the oil is good to fight bad breath and other health problems. You can add it to the dog food to let the dog have a quiet intake of coconut oil.

Minty mint

One of the crucial reasons for bad breath in dogs is the bacterial in the mouth and teeth along with the stomach. Other than cleaning up the mouth, you need to work on digestion issues and stomach problems as well. Mint is one of the soothing and relaxing agents when it comes to a healthy stomach. It is ideal to deal with the issues of acid reflux in dogs and let them have a fresh breath.

Calcium yoghurt

Other than hygienic conditions, certain other things can help to reduce bad breath. By adding, calcium enrich yoghurt to your dog’s food every day makes him healthy and fight bacteria. It eventually kills the bacteria causing bad breath in the dog’s mouth. The yoghurt work from mouth to the stomach and its probiotics help to ease any stomach problems as well. It is ideal to mix a bit of yoghurt with dog food in the morning and at night. It gives you quick and efficient results.

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