Dog Bite Prevention: How to Lower Your Risk of a dog Bite

Dogs are man’s best friend and loyal partner all around the world. There is no doubt a dog always remain faithful to his master or friend. But, what about strangers? A dog can be lethal for strangers to a completely new level.

Aggression in dogs or their reluctance towards strangers can cause many people to be a victim of dog bites or animal attack. It is not only the stray dogs but also the pets that turned out to behave strangely. Here are some actions you need to take when suffering from a dog attack.

Do not panic

Panicking in the first place can cause you more damage. If you try to retaliate, punch kick or run away, the dog will chase you. It is better to keep calm and try to take control of the situation. Once the dog left you after the first attack, stay there calm and slowly get out of its range. It is the best possible thing you can do.

Find out its owner

If the dog is having a leash or collar then you need to find its owner. It is a pet dog and its owner is around so you can locate it easily. Either the owner will come after a dog or will be finding the pet around. If it is possible, then you can tie the dog with its leash and make sure it will not run away or hurt anyone else.

If it is not possible, then you can note down the dog or its owner’s details. It is better to take complete details of its owner immediately it will help you in making a claim.

Take medical assistance

Once you are out of the attack, the very first thing is to take medical assistance. If the dog’s owner is good, enough to take you hospital for medical assistance then it is fine. But, if no, then you need to be careful with the medical assistance. Be sure of what you have been through and how you are going to have the treatment.

Having the attacking dog’s master with you can help you in getting the right treatment. The master can explain the vaccinations dogs have regularly. Otherwise, you will have to get multiple preventive medications.

File your injuries

Evidence of your injuries is essential. You can take pictures of all the injuries to file them in the record or ask your healthcare provider to give a brief. The doctor will help you by reporting about the injuries and your condition. It can help you in filing the matter and taking it to an attorney as well.

Register dog attacks legally

After taking care of your injuries make sure to film a report of a dog bite to authorities. You can go to the law enforcement department and file the complaint. Make sure you are aware of your state laws about a dog bite or animal attack. Act according to the laws. If you are unaware of these laws, then you can get information at first and then proceed.

Contact a suitable attorney

When you have all the proves and filed the complaint now you need an attorney to take up the case. The professional attorney will file up your case with all details whether the dog was triggered or provoked due to certain reasons or it was the dog’s fault. The attorney can handle all the complications and details of the case and help you in getting the appropriate responses.

In dog bite cases, the law seeks answers to numerous questions and confusions. You need to prove that the dog attack was not your fault. You were not trespassing, did not provoke or instigate the dog to attack you. It should be either the dog’s default aggressive behaviour or its master’s move that caused you injury. Only then, you will get the appropriate response.

Claim compensation

With the help of your attorney, you can claim compensation for your loss. Obviously, after a dog bite, you are not able to resume your work immediately. All the pain and stress you have gone through due to a dog rigorous behaviour requires compensation. The dog’s owner will pay for your loss and his or her negligence.

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