Reasons for having ear mites in cats and dogs

Having pets around is not as easy as you think. It is not like getting a pet at home and your job is done. When you are getting a pet, you are calling up for duty to care for it. Just as if you take care of a child in the house, your pets require care, love, and support.

Commonly, you can observe your pet’s cats or dogs scratching their ears with feet or with the support of a wall, door or anything. It is not something they love to do but they want to make you register that something is bothering them. These are nothing but ear mites.

What are ear mites in pets?

Ear mites are as tiny spiders are that the bloodsuckers in animals. These live in the ear of animals and suck their blood meanwhile. The common hideout of these mites is the soft tissues of the ear canal. When these mites grow or suck blood, it causes irritation and pain to your pet.

After reaching adulthood, these mites can reproduce and develop a colony in the ears. It is likely to have both ears infects with ear mites most of the time.

Where do ear mites come from?

When you have, pets at home in a clean environment then why do they get mite attacks. A simple question keeps bugging you. Sometimes it is the reason you do not pay attention to these bugs.

Ear mites are out there in the environment where your pets spend time. Such as you take them for a walk outdoors, let them be at pet care with other pets or traveling with them. Numerous sources out there transfer mites to them. Remember, mites are transferable.

What is the major reason?

One of the major reasons that cause ear mites in your cats or dogs is poor hygiene. When you are not taking care of their hygiene and cleaning up their stuff, it will lead them to have mites. When pets are not clean or living in clean conditions, they normally have this issue.

Contact with other pets or animals

It is impossible to keep your pets away from other animals. You let them socialize with the other animals out there and that is good. However, the frequent contact with other pets out there causes them to have ear mites. Any of their friend dog or cats having mites will transfer these fleas to them.

Frequent public visits

Taking your dog or cat for a walk or at public places because they have these mites and fleas. The bacteria are out there in public and even in your lawn area. Therefore, it is possible that your pet can take up the mites from your surroundings.

How to stop ear mite penetration?

It is not possible to block all your dog’s or cat’s activities. Keeping your pets in the house will clean environments is not the ultimate option. Let them be out and enjoy life but adopt some preventive steps.

  • Make sure to clean them thoroughly and take care of their ear hygiene specifically.
  • Do not let them socialize with street dogs or cats most of the time, it causes them issues
  • Use specialized sanitizers or cleaners prescribed by their vet to keep them clean and sanitized
  • Do not ignore their different behavior like constant itching or extreme cries
  • Consult their vet immediately when you observe ear mites in them

Bottom line

Ear mites are common in pets, but these are lethal as well. If you do not pay attention to their existence in your pet’s ear, eventually it will maximize the issue. By sucking your pet’s blood it will cause infection in their ear, cause them loss of blood and many other diseases as well. It is better to be preventive and keep your pet’s ear clean. Consult a vet immediately if you observe these mites in your pets.

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