K9 Ballistic Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

K9 Ballistic is one of the well-known brands in manufacturing excellent pet products and this company is the most loved by pet lovers. People who got tired and frustrated trying to find the top quality, durable and reliable dog bed that last long and comfortable for their pets. The K9 Ballistic manufacturer is determined to design the perfect product for their pets, they have created the top quality dog beds. In this article I am reviewing the K9 Ballistic Round dog bed, read the full article below to know more the dominating feature of this product.


K9 Ballistic Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

K9 Ballistic has created many different dog bed series.  Each of them comes with its own limitations and distinct feature.

Tuff Bed Series: Made of hypoallergenic material, being a scratch and chew resistant it is an excellent pick for heavy chewers.

LUX Bed Series: Made of LUX Faux Fur and LUX Microsuede material. It includes machine washable waterproof liner and is quite comfortable for the family pet.

Denim Bed Series: Made of pre-washed and pre-shrunk heavy duty denim. The blue denim matches every home decor and also it is scratch resistant.

MicroFiber Bed Series: Made of plush MicroFiber and accented piping on border gives it a classy look. It is bacteria and mould resistant and can be washed directly into the machine.

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K9 Ballistic Round Orthopedic TUFF Bed Review

Among the many excellent products of K9 Ballistic this K9 Ballistic Round Orthopedic TUFF bed is a good addition to TUFF series.

This bed has a unique overall design and top quality memory foam which provides a quality resting place for your furry friend. Many other dog beds come with multiple colour option which is nothing but overshadow on the poor quality.

Key Features
  • Comes in seven different colour
  • Mattress has 5” thick memory foam layer
  • Durable cover is excellent for destructive dogs
  • Cover can be removed and re-installed easily through zipper and can be washed in machine directly

Material Used in Construction

The 5” thick mattress consist of two layers, 1 ½“thick top memory foam layer to provide comfort and 3 ½“ thick high-density foam bottom layer to provide good support. No doubt, it adds good value to money.

This orthopedic comes in four different sizes:

  • Small 24-inch
  • Medium 36-inch
  • Large 42-inch
  • Extra large 54-inch

It comes in seven different colours such as Blue, Black, Green, Green Camco, Grey Camco, Lattice and Tan.


The round design provides good support for dog’s natural sleeping position and enables them to sprawl the way they want. This can be imperative for your pet since it enables them to pick which parts they should be upheld during their rest. The main advantage of this unique round design bed is that it minimizes the chances of arthritis and joint pain. You will be amazed at its performance and useful features


This orthopedic bed is tougher than the most beds so it is specifically good for those typical heavy chewers.

The Big Shrimpy Nest Faux Suede Dog Bed is an excellent quality product that comes in different colours and sizes which gives you multiple options for choosing. The unique design around the bed makes it comfortable and provides excellent cushioning for extra large breeds.

  • Being tougher than other it is excellent for heavy chewers.
  • Provide good support for elderly dogs.
  • Lightweight and can be carried easily.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Toxin free.
  • Bit expensive in price.
  • 90-120 days warranty.

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