Laifug Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

The Laifug Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed is an elegant, cost-effective and excellent quality product. It includes numerous useful functions and serves as a therapeutic bed and suits to home decor. It has the durable waterproof liner and a removable cover that can be washed directly into the machine.  It features two-sided protective cover and high-quality waterproof inner cover.

Laifug Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed Review


The cover is very nice and soft and gives your dog comfort. When it comes to maintenance than this machine washable cover is a plus point. You can also replace the cover time to time which greatly rejuvenates the lifespan.


The 4” mattress keeps your dog body exalted, it has 2” memory foam along with 2” high-density foam that provides high quality cushioning and reduces the chances of arthritis and joint pain.

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It comes in two different sizes

  • Medium ( 34.2” x 22” x 3.9”)
  • Large (46” x 28” x 3.9”)
Product Features
  • Includes great functions and perfect comfort
  • Double protection design Waterproof inner cover which give several ways for protection
  • Nice and soft removable outer cover and can be washed directly in machine
  • Unique non-sliding base design
  • The upper layer is of orthopedic memory foam that ensures the animal is completely wrapped in
  • Supportive and comfortable for medium and large breeds
  • 4” mattress (2” memory foam and 2” high-density foam) reduce the chances of joint pain and arthritis
  • It can easily accommodate large breeds up to75 lbs

Pets are the most wonderful companion of life and caring about their comfort is everyone’s first priority. If you are looking for an excellent dog bed than this Laifug Premium Orthopedic Dog bed ia the right choice. Keep your eyes closed and make this excellent product your prior choice.

  • Different Colour Options.
  • Supportive And Comfortable.
  • Excellent For Large Breed.
  • Lightweight (9.8 Pounds).
  • Affordable In Price.
  • Some Complains That It Is Not 4” Tall Once Expanded Fully.

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