Top 10 large dog breeds

Top 10 large dog breeds (overviews on to their lives, origins and temperaments)

Fewer dog breeds are just jaw-dropping; because of their range of shapes, sizes, colors, and personality. Throughout the world majority, people want to own large dog breeds in terms of their pet partner, or herder.

Well, today we are here to specify few most wondering dog breeds that will surely surprise you. All bellow breeds are playing a significant role in human lives.

Undoubtedly, a large dog can hunt, protect, and could be the best friend of yours for a long time. Even a large dog breed can survive easily at the freezing locations also it can live long at the fewer amount of food.

This article is all about the top 10 most wondering large dog breeds of the world. From hundreds of large dog breeds here, we have selected only ten according to their habits, temperament, looks, and obedience. Come on let’s get started;

  1. The Great Dane dog breed:

By the name, you can easily get the idea that this dog breed is the largest dog breed according to the height. The origin of Great Dane dog breed in Germany, and it is known as Deutsche Dogge in that place.

Deutsche Dogge meant by German Mastiff. Later this dog became the Great Dane by having official popularity in Germany. According to the history, the Great Dane is not pure dog breed; but it is a crossbreed of Irish wolfhounds and English Mastiff.

However, this dog breed is not included in the heaviest dog breeds (with the weight of 100-120 lbs). Amazingly the great dog is one of the tallest dogs (with the height of 28-30 inches) respectively.

A Great Dane dog named Zeus was a world record holder. He was about 44 inches taller. An unfortunate fact about taller dogs is that they live a very short life. Zeus has died in the age of five only.

  1. The Neapolitan mastiff dog breed:

According to the sheer mass, the Neapolitan mastiff dog is considered as the largest dog. The original origin of this dog is southern Italy. People train this dog breed for guarding. The average height of a male Neapolitan mastiff is about 26-31 inches; while a female could be slighter short than him.

This dog breed is heavy in weight; it comes with the weight of 130-155 lbs. A female Neapolitan mastiff is about 110 to 130 lbs.

Undoubtedly a Neapolitan mastiff dog has a fearless nature. This is why people keep them as a guard dog. In spiting of a protective nature, they never make an ideal warning for happening something unusual.

The Neapolitan mastiff dog is born with a quiet nature. These dogs are well-known for sneaking up rather than bark.

By having a protective nature, this dog will not accept any unknown person besides his family. This way Neapolitan Mastiff is considered as a less socialized dog breed,

  1. Scottish Deerhound dog breed:

Here we have a leggy dog breed named Scottish deerhound. By the name, you may find sure that this dog is originated by Scotland. In initial timing, this breed was used to hunt deer, just because of its long legs. This breed can easily chase the red deer.

Scottish deerhound dogs are similar to greyhounds but; much healthier than these dogs. They had born with a tall structure. An adult deerhound could be 32 inches taller and 110 lbs heavier.

Now, Scottish deerhound dogs are not recommended for red deer hunting. Undoubtedly Scottish deerhound exists today, because of few people who care this breed for show up.

  1. Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed:

Bordeaux Mastiff, French Mastiff, Bordeaux are different names of one dog breed (Dogue de Bordeaux.) The dog is recognized by the origin where it lives. Well, this one is an ancient large dog breed originated by France.

Adult Dogue de Bordeaux could be 23-27 inches taller. Usually, this breed is 125-150 lbs weighted. According to this height and weight, we must include Dogue de Bordeaux dog in the massive dog breeds.

These dogs are reported as the (most enormous headed canine). Dogue de Bordeaux and Neapolitans are especially got trained as home/house guard dogs.

According to history, this dog breed was used to pulling carts, and watch over folks. Yes, Dogue de dog is an active, obedient and protective dog breed by nature. This is why people love to carry these dogs everywhere.

  1. Newfoundland dog breed:

Newfoundland dog is a calm natured dog that never behaves dull. This dog breed has a devotional temperament. It has heavy muscular body with ticker coat. Many people keep Newfoundland dogs in order to have their superior dignity.

The average weight of an adult Newfoundland can reach up to 150 lbs with the height of (28 inches from shoulder). Besides this, a female adult dog can easily gain 100-120 lbs weight in adult age.

Newf or Newfoundland dogs are faithful and soft tempered dogs. These dogs are founded in grey, black, brown, and white colors along with the vulgar coat. From starting, artists used this dog sketch in their paintings.

With a simple guide, it can be trained easily. These dogs are most expressive for kids. If a person lives alone, then newf can fulfill all the companion requirements of a person.

Newfoundland dog breed is included in the world’s giant breeds with soft temperament.

  1. English mastiff dog breed:

Undoubtedly, English mastiff dogs are known as large dogs. They can grow up to 30 inches from shoulder. An adult English mastiff may gain 250 lbs weight easily. Similar to the Great Dane English mastiff dogs are considered as taller dogs.

According to a history, an English mastiff was made a record of a heavier dog. The name of that heaviest English dog was Aicama Zorba; he was 343 pounds heavier. According to the past English mastiff dogs are being significant dogs in terms of weight.

This dog breed is used in blood sports such as; bating bulls, bears, and lions. Today these dogs seem gentle giant dogs; but confirmed they are having a fearless nature.

Inside of loyalty, you may easily keep an English mastiff as your giant pet. This dog will make you disappoint. These dogs can live excellently in a family; because they are always ready to go.

Well if your kids are asking for a healthy pet? then buy an English mastiff and make them happy.

  1. Saint Bernard dog breed:

Saint Bernard is an original dog breed that originated by Swiss Alps (north Italy). Normally this dog breed is trained as a rescue dog. Majority trainers include saint in their rescue teams in order to rescue in emergency situations.

Amazingly saint breed is most conscious dog breed born with a giant body. Even a saint pup has a muscular body and a sharp mind. An adult saint can grow up to 25 to 30 inches from shoulder to toe. Also, they could be heavier from 140 – 180 pounds.

However, Saint Bernard dogs are used to rescue others; but these dogs are most wondering as a pet yet. In their rescuing, they find people from unknown places, especially during travel, fluid, and etc.

They have an admired gentility; confirmed saints are frank with children. They love to be live in the family and protect their family from all kind of threat. If you are a kitty lover and want to keep a saint then no worry! A Saint Bernard dog is a kitty lover.

  1. Leonberger dog breed:

Leonberger dogs are born with a beautiful, healthy body. Their muscles become strong as they grow. Leons are not original dogs they were crossed by mixing Saint Bernard and Newfoundland. As their parents, Leonberger are having most wondering temperament with a sharp mind.

Their crossing was done by a man Heinrich Essig in the mid of 18th century (Germany). After some time this crossing was planned again with a mountain dog and other two (unknown) breeds, every time Leonberger dogs were born.

Many people still do not know that leons are crossed dogs. Well, these dogs have a calm and obedient nature; this is why people love to keep these dogs as a pet. Although this dog breed is not much taller than our previous dogs, you may consider them as taller dogs.

An adult Leonberger dog can stand at 27 to 31 inches respectively. Their weight is also notable. Loens are healthy dogs and can be more substantial at 170 lbs. As we know that a large dog is most considerable for families; that is why people keep them as their family member.

Leons are mainly known as a companion of animals. These dogs are working dogs; in the last century people used them for herding and to rescue. If you have a leonberger dog, then you must have an idea about his frank and obedient nature. You may carry this dog wherever you want to.

  1. Irish Wolfhound dog breed:

Same as the Scottish deerhound Irish wolfhound dog breed was also used for wolf chasing. In starting, people lived in the fields, and they keep dogs to protect their domestics from wolves. Obviously, a large body and a heavy bark can keep them away from a farmhouse. Indeed Irish wolfhounds are best in protecting.

They have a great history that is why you may consider them as ancient dogs. This dog breed was raised in war hounds and later it transported in Ireland. Primarily Irish wolfhounds were used to hunting and grading; later by observing their frank temperament people started keeping them as a pet.

Yes, an Irish wolfhound is an intelligent, calm, and reserve natured dog. Due to their easy-going people love to carry them anywhere. Also, they are the best survivor; an Irish puppy can give you the best company without creating any problem.

An amazing fact about Irish wolfhound is the height. This dog breed has an enormous height that could be higher than even Great Dane. Minimum a male Irish could be 32 inches long while a female may taller up to 30 inches.

Remember these sizes are minimum sizes in the breed; maximally their height is about 34 to 36 inches from shoulder to toe. An Irish wolfhound can easily grow for 140 lbs in their adult age. Undoubtedly en English mastiff is similar to a baby horse in height; while an Irish wolfhound is equal to a donkey.

  1. Komondor dog breed:

I must say that komondor is an eye-catching and well-structured dog. It seems like a large mop; because of its heavy fur. Komondor dogs were raised in hungry before. Later they become world-famous due to their muscular body with great height.

In starting these dogs were used to protecting live stocks and guarding valuables. Now, this dog breed is known as a national treasure in Hungary. No other dog has healthy fur like Komondors. Their mop-like coat makes them different from other dogs.

A komondor adult can grow up to 31 inches long with a weight of 130 pounds. Their temperament is free to live so; they do not like enough apartment life. Well, you may keep this dog breed in a wider indoor place; but not a congested flat.

Komonders born with a calm nature, and they love to be a guard for their family. This dog breed is large; due to it required outdoor activities. Komondors are especially famous for their night watching. If someone has a wide backyard, then keeping a komondor will be good for him.

A komondor dog is not frank with any stranger; though it loves to protect the master from an unknown person. Surely Komondors are loyal, and their obedience is admirable. You may keep them in the family without any worry.

This dog breed is not included in working dog breeds, and you cannot force them for an exercise. They need a lot of training to be a god family dogs, but not suitable for strangers. If you have time and you want to keep a giant pet dog, then komondor dog could be best option for this purpose.

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