Reasons Why Your Dog Whines At Night For No Reason

Find out why your dog becomes whiny at night

Having a family dog in the house is not a problem at all when everyone loves to have it around. The real problem starts when the dog becomes whiny for no reason at night. Even if there is nothing specific, you need to be considerate about what is going on. Things can be tricky and require a little investigation sometimes.

Many reasons can cause dogs to whine at night and not all of them are so serious. All you need is to observe them with their actions, surroundings and movements. Eventually, you will be able to find the actual reason and deal with it.

Medical reasons or pains

It is essential to know that whine is one of the common indications of your dog being in pain. Dogs do not have any other way of expressing their pain. They can only reflect it with the help of winning to their best.

Pain can inflict due to chronic issues, posture problems, stomach issues or any other medical reason. Whining at night is common among aged dogs as they have more chronic problems. You need to keep a check on the dog for any injury or make a visit to the vet for a detailed inspection.

Digestive issues

Bloating and other digestive issues coming to your dog at night cause whining as well. Certain food items do not work for the dog but they have it out of curiosity. Later it causes bloating, gas and pain in the stomach. Eventually, when the pain is unbearable, the dog starts whining. It is the way to showing the pain and getting your attention to help in dealing with the situation.


When you are unable to observe any medical or digestive problem with the dog but it whines too much, then it is boredom. At night when you are drained of all your energy, it is not possible to play with your dog. However, activity at night is common in dogs. They can lay and rest any time of the day and wants to have fun at night.

At this time if you are ignoring your dog, there are chances of observing whines after some time. It is like a tactic dogs use to grab your attention. They can whine in silence so you will get up to have a check on them. The appropriate solution is to stretch you and give them a little attention.

Anxiety and stress

Shifting a dog from its place to another or taking any mate or family member away makes the dog anxious. It is the root cause of anxiety depression or stress among dogs. Most of the time at night when they are unable to be comfortable in the new setting, they whine. At this time, it is essential to soothe them and make sure they will be in their comfortable position.

No training

When your dog is not trained to be alone at night or sleep in its bag, it whines. Not all pet dogs are good to deal with their nighttime loneliness. You need to pay more attention to its training and give time to let comfortable in the surroundings.


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