Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews and Buying Guide –10 Top rated Invisible fences of 2021

Keeping a pet dog secure and safe (in the outside area) is the top wish of every pet owner. Wireless fences will make you help out in creating a safe zone for your dog; where they can run independently.  No problem, if you are living at a crowded area, or you have a bigger farmhouse or you have naughty dogs with disturbing nearby properties; surely as a pet owner you want to control your dog from doing all this.  If yes then, wireless fences are the best options for solving your problem.

Generally, we have researched a lot of wireless dog fences for giving you the best suggestions. After reviewing hundreds of fences, we have picked the top ten10 rated fences that could impress you anyhow. In all these fences, some most common and useful features are; wireless port, in-ground customization, durability, and good connection for shaping boundaries. Similarly, we have prior every fence versatility that (it could be used for different kinds of breeds or not).

Nonetheless, at the end of this review article, we have brought the best buying guide for you. It will provide you great ease for choosing your required fence for your dog. Without taking your time more, let us start our today’s article with some most essential and relevant questions with their answers.

1Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

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2PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300)

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3SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence

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4Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

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5PetSafe Wireless Dog And Cat Containment

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6Advanced High Performance Electronic Dog Fence

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7PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog

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8 PetSafe Stay & Play Dog And Cat Wireless Fence

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9Premier Pet Wireless Dog Fence

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10 DNPet Wireless Dog Fence

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Does wireless dog fence really work?

According to recent reviews, electric wireless fences are working great. These fences are effective for all those owners who want to have their dog safe in their yards. In the market there are a lot of useless fences are available that make you disappointed, but if you have a good budget then our selection will surely satisfy you.

What fence is best for dogs?

Before buying a wireless dog fence, conceptualize that, is your dog active/lazy, big/small, healthy/unfit and other qualities. Also, get an idea about your residency that is your living area bigger or congested. By keeping all these facts in your mind then select most considering fence for your dog.

If you select a good quality wireless dog fence as per on your requirements then, surely it will work best for your pet dog.

How does an invisible fence for dogs work?

Wireless fences have come with a particular operating system; through you can handle your dog easily. The system detects the dog’s energy by his activities under the boundary wall that you have created. The wireless fence contains an indoor transmitter device with a receiving device.

Often this transmitter is enclosed with a dog collar and can be set up in various indoor areas such as; any wall inside your home, garage, basement, terrace, etc.


1. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence 

By the name of our first fence; we can easily conceptualize that sit boo-boo is a hidden type of dog fence that totally works without tangled wires. It is bounded with advanced solid copper wire; in which an imported transmitter performs properly.

Boo-boo is attached with a rechargeable battery that has a great life. By the use of a boo-boo fence, you can easily simply teach the hardest commands to your dog. This fence is specially made for all the stubborn dogs and (those breeds) which are not easy to house train.

Some types of dogs do not want to be in a particular boundary, however, a boo-boo wireless fence will shortly create a boundary to teach them how to stay in a limited circle.

Boo-boo has a variety of collar choices; though you can easily attach the transmitter in any kind of dog collar. This fence comes with modern in-ground fence cords, through a user can easily create a line boundary for his/her pet. The transmitter looks creative that has the newest radio wave technology; it provides five different correction levels of accurate training.

Engineers of sit boo-boo structured this in-ground fence with great coverage. The copper wire bounded fence can covers 1.2 acres approximately. The in-ground cord will make you able to shield the exact place of your requirement. It will give you bravo results with the help of radio holes (that are made in its cordless alternatives) without any trouble

Set the cord in a shallow place and set a boundary for your dog protection; and let the transmitter work. This similar transmitter can work for the five acres also, but it will need more cords for this purpose. This technological fence is easy to install and simple to pick; furthermore, the fence has an instructive manual book that will guide you rightly.

  1. Made with highly improved copper wire
  2. Great battery timings
  3. The durability of boo-boo is guaranteed
  4. Great coverage with more intensity
  5. Radio wave technology made this fence most wondered
  • Easy to install and simple to carry.
  • Unbeatable durability.
  • Great coverage.
  • Come with a manual guide book.
  • Not an affordable product for every one.
  • Not available globally.
  • Not recommended for rainy areas.

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2. PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) 

A famous electrical brand petsafe designs our second fence. It has simple looks with modernized features. Petsafe fence is a wireless fence that can work excellently in open areas. The complete system is simply designed with PIF-300; in which we have RFA-670 batteries.

Through petsafe fence, a dog owner can cover more than ½ acre (180) feet DM. This boundary level is ideal for a medium-sized dog. The transmitter of this incredible fence can be a plug with any electrical switch; whether the whole system is fully portable that can exert without any single wire.

Petsafe (PIF 300) is simple to carry and easy to set up. With few minutes of your effort, you can easily set this fence in the ground for protecting your miss behaved dog. It is only why petsafe fence is designed with a variety of correction levels, which are always ready to keep your dog within boundaries.

Besides all you have a (plus tone-only mode) in this fence through your dog will have running protection; meanwhile, by wearing petsafe dog collar your dog will automatically remain the actual area of his return.

Total weight of this dog fence is about 5.5 pounds and the color mud-grey. This way you can simply hide the port in a ground.


  1. Five levels of correction
  2. Transmitter can be attached with any power switch
  3. Plus tone-only mode is available for naughty dogs
  4. Three good quality batteries are given for long time working
  • Light in weight.
  • Durability guaranteed.
  • Ideal coverage for smaller breeds.
  • Great battery timing.
  • Not available in every store.
  • Not made with class protection.

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3. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems 

sportdog brand is the most admirable dog brand that is being famous for the last decade. This brand has made the most convenient in-ground dog fence with superb quality. This dog fence is designed with all the modernized features that make this product eligible for bounding dog in a particular area.

The installation of sportDog is most easy and you can carry this fence as per on your wish. This one is the most wondering dog in-ground fence, which comes with all the required items. Simply the coverage range of sportDog is about 1 1/3 acres (a piece of flat land) but if you a vast residential farmhouse then it can work for100 acres also. For this great coverage, you have to acquire more flags and wire (SDF-WF).

Nonetheless, we have a waterproof dog collar along with a 9-voltage battery. The batteries can easily work for 6 to 12 months easily. This great model of sportDog fence will be sufficient for all the 10 lbs (weighted dogs); but it can exert for every kind of dog breeds small/medium/large by attaching extra collars (sdf-r). The additional (sdf-r) collar port makes this collar most useable for every dog owner.

sportDog is designed with different modes of alerting like simple tone (beep), buzz (vibration); all these modes will work remotely for far locomotion. sportDog have four kinds of static stimulations for specific dog breed (so you can simply choose a suitable stimulus for your dog). Additional qualities of this fence transmitter are; broken wire alarm system and light protector. Yes, you can set up this ultimate fence under the sunshine.

  1. Waterproof dog collar along with the 9-voltage battery
  2. Additional (SDF-r) collar port
  3. Different mode of alert
  4. Broken wire alarm
  5. Lightning protector
  • Ideal coverage.
  • Durability confirmed.
  • Different modes of static stimuli.
  • Not available globally.
  • Slightly usage of wires.

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4. Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation -2020 

This one is a newly invented dog fence by Extreme brand. In this fence, we have a lot of unexceptional qualities that are mostly required for an ideal dog fence. Firstly the company designed extremely with a standard type grade kit, which offers high coverage. About 6 acres of a plain area you can cover by this fence.

All the collar features are updated and fully capable for heavy-duty; including three antennas and 12 X durable batteries. The majority of in-ground dog fences are not recommended for rainy or watery areas but fortunately, our extreme fence is a water-resistant fence; so you can simply set this fence at any place without worrying.

Similarly, the company prearranged a water-resistant dog collar thus; you do not have to fag off this collar during bath time. It will work under 10 inches deep water. No problem if your pet dog wants to swim by wearing this collar let him leave for joy. Extreme standard size kid has 20 gauge tensile (boundary) wire with a sturdy protection jacket, a waterproof collar receiver, w/battery, a digital transmitter, splice kits, and training flags.

All these things are improved and durable that makes this dog fence most convenient for water use. Undoubtedly extreme fence is manufactured in U.S.A and the main purpose for this fence creation is especially protecting all the puppies and pet dogs.


  1. Coverage (6 acres)
  2. Water proof collar receiver
  3. Digital transmitter
  4. Standard type grade kit
  5. Training flags
  • Eligible for water use.
  • Extreme size coverage.
  • Updated features.
  • Easy installation.
  • Not an affordable fence for all.
  • Wires are included in installation.
  • Not available throughout the world.

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5. PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

Another fence by petsafe is suggested here; it is just because of the quality and heavy-duty. This brand is being famous every year. Petsafe wireless dog fence can cover ½ acres respectively; meanwhile, it can control your dog within half an acre by the distance of indoor fixed transmitter.

This fence offers great duty and wireless boundaries that make you able to protect a circled barrier for your dog. Most fences have come with wires so; they could be hassled and time taking for the owners also.

Differentially from all ordinary dog in-ground fences, the Petsafe wireless forces your pet dog to return home without any harm; although if your dog crossed your given boundary then he will feel a static-free motion. This static free motion will insist on your dog for a free reentrance.

Petsafe wireless fence is easier to install and simple to operate. It will require an hour of yours for installation. Humbly Petsafe wireless is great option for vacation, traveling and camping etc. the durability of this product is unbeatable and the quality is water-resistant. This is an actual one fence that people are looking for.

The neck collar of this fence is water proof, which is adjustable for all sized dogs. It wills compatible for 6-28 inches neck sized dogs; although this wireless dog fence works for all type petsafe transmitters easily. The dog collar has durable battery (RFA-67D-11), it can easily work for up to two months easily. Before going to low it will show a low battery indicator, though you can simply exchange the battery at low price.

This fence can produces 5 levels of static motion in the neck collar, through you can teach your dog to play and stay at a safest area zone. Simply you can attach this collar receiver into all kind of dog collars  also.

  1. Can cover ½ acres respectively
  2. Wireless boundaries
  3. Durable battery (RFA-67D-11)
  4. 5 levels of static motion in the neck collar
  5. Compatible for 6-28 inches neck sized dogs
  • Different static modes.
  • Water-resistant fence.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible for all dog collars.
  • Not available globally.
  • Not rechargeable batteries.
  • Less battery timing.

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6. Advanced High-Performance Electronic Dog Fence System

Wireless, reliable, and safe dog fence by an advanced pet is explained here. This one is the most famous dog product this year. In Advanced we have a variety of unusual features that keeps this fence special. At first advanced makes a flexible boundary wall for your pet dog; through your dog can not cross in a while.

This system utilizes the safest radio system, which alerts in case of your dog approaching your selected boundary. After receiving the signal dog’s neck collar produces a low-level shock, if the dog touches the boundary until he goes far from the borderline.

The advanced fence comes with adjustable width and field control power. For 656 feet/200 meters, it can control your dog easily. A dog owner can easily operate the width of radio signals and can create a particular boundary as per his wish. Moreover, the fence can be placed anywhere.

The advanced collar is fully rechargeable and waterproof; it is suitable for all sized dogs. Simply you can wear its collar from 8 lbs dog weighted to 28 lbs. an advanced fence can control a lot of collars once in a time. However, this collar is the basic need of all those owners who have a good range of dogs.

This will be good in all kinds of weather, and this system is especially recommended for yards. The durability of this fence is confirmed and satisfaction is guaranteed. Remember! It contains only one dog collar, for more dogs you have to purchase additional collars.


  1. Safe radio system
  2. A low-level shock
  3. Fully rechargeable and waterproof
  4. The fence can control a lot of collars
  5. Can be placed anywhere
  • Durable quality.
  • Water-resistant fence.
  • Can control variety of dog collars.
  • Not available globally.
  • Only one mode of shock.
  • Not eligible for wide areas.

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7. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence

Petsafe presents the most amazing dog fence; you can provide the most secure playing yard for your pet dog. Often naughty dogs go away and sometimes they never come back to their master. This could a curious situation for a dog owner.

Fortunately, petsafe basic in-ground is a wondering dog fence that is reliable for all type of weather. No matter where you are living in a cold or warm place, pet safe basic will work regularly. The whole system is utilized with electric surge protection.

By using petsafe basic fence, you can remind your dog to stay in a certain area. We have a wireless dog collar by this brand, which consulted with four different modes of sound. Every sound mode works remotely for a particular dog.

It does not need any well-designed yard or gardens you can simply set up this fence in all types of pieces of land.  Courageously you must be happy that the dog collar by basic is waterproofed and light in weight so; you not have to take worry about bath time at all.

Although all the basic collars are slim and simple that would be perfect for various types of dog breeds, small, medium, large, and extra-large. The basic collar can be used for 6-26 lbs weight dogs respectively.

Not only one dog collar but Petsafe basic fence can control limitless collars that you have to buy additionally; after that attach the collar separately with the system to manage your dog personality. Petsafe basic is offering 2-month long-lasting battery timing with heavy-duty.

  1. Reliable for all type of weather
  2. Producing different modes of sound
  3. Long last battery timing
  4. Waterproof dog collars
  5. High control power for unlimited dog collars
  6. Perfect for various types of dog
  • Durability confirmed.
  • Waterproof dog collar.
  • Easy to control.
  • Affordable fence.
  • Not available globally.
  • Time taking installation.
  • Less battery timing.

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8. PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence

Petsafe is an American dog brand that manufactures reliable and affordable dog products. This is the main reason we have listed more petsafe wireless fence systems rather than other brands. Undoubtedly petsafe is leading globally with the best unexceptional production. In clear words pet is playing a significant role in changing dog lives for the last three decades.

This one is a convenient and affordable dog wireless fence system which, comes at affordable rates. By spending a little money of your pocket you can protect your naughty for even for the 3-4 acres frequently. The dog collar is easy to wear simple to fag off, which receives radio waves from a long distance.

The transmitter of pet safe play can be placed in any kind of indoor place like, home, garage, parking, etc. it does not require tangled wires for burring. With this excellent fence, you can offer a wireless boundary to your dog. The majority of fences are designed with wires and heavy socks, but this one is a pet-friendly dog product, which makes bring your dog without going far.

You can install petsafe play in a day easily. We are guaranteed that by using this fence you will recognize the results and will always prefer this product for the future anyway. We must recommend this system for farmhouse vacations, jungle camping, etc. you can attach unlimited pet safe dog collar with this transmitter.

Luckily, the dog collar of this fence is waterproof so, do not worry if your dog wants to swim by wearing this ultimate collar. It will simply adjust for all types of dog breed (starting from 5lbs weighted dogs). The neck size for this fence is about 6-26 inches respectively. The collar is compatible with every kind of pet-safe transmitter.

This fence has rechargeable batteries, which makes this system most wondering. A full charge battery can work up to three weeks and it gives a battery low indicator. An owner always knows the personality of his/her pet dog, so he/she can simply set this fence security level as per on a dog nature.

Now, allow your dog for playing in a particularly secure area without any hesitation and stay tension free with pet safe play. This amazing system provides you five levels of training modes with static motion (that will not make your dog angry but will realize him come back).


  1. receives radio waves from a long distance
  2. provides you five levels of training modes
  3. flexible for all type of dog breed
  4. wireless boundary to your dog
  • Great coverage.
  • Attached with limitless collars.
  • Recommended for vacations.
  • Affordable gift for your field friend.
  • Not recommended for heavy dogs.
  • Less battery timing.

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9. Premier Pet Wireless Dog Fence System

Premier pet choice is our best choice for you; in which a company offers proper versatility for the users.  Premier pet fence offers ½ acres coverage, so we must recommend this fence for the little homes with bigger yards/gardens.

This fence has only one training mode with five levels of static shock. The collar battery is (GAC11-16351) and fully rechargeable. It indicates a low battery alert before getting to die. The dog collar is designed with a nylon strap, which is easy to adjust and simple fag off. The dog collar is adjustable for several dog breeds.

The Collar receiver is fully water-resistant so, you do not have care for this collar in rain or swim. This fence system will work for all kinds of dog breeds and sizes; from 6 months puppy to a senior lazy dog. With this ultimate dog wireless fence, you can add another dog collar (GIF-16348).

We are happy to suggest this premier pet wireless system for puppies and smaller dog breeds that live in congested homes but they have a wider play area in front of them. Undoubtedly this will keep your dog safe and happy without tangled or buried wires.

  1. With five levels of static shocking
  2. Can be attached another dog collar (GIF-16348).
  3. In collar it has a nylon strap which is easy to adjust and simple fag off
  4. Adjustable for all sized dogs
  • Easy to install.
  • Rechargeable collar battery.
  • Comfortable neck collar.
  • Affordable dog fence system.
  • Less coverage.
  • Less battery timing.
  • Not for active dog breeds.

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10. DNPet Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

Our last recommendation is DNpet from the NeoPaw Company. This dog fence system is best for all dog breeds that love to play outside the home. Often people stay their obedient friend outside the home because of their barking issue. Some way if your dog is a high barker dog, then our last selection will help you out.

It offers the greatest coverage for active dogs; indeed it can control dogs up to 68 acres of a plain piece of land. This is all that we are looking for. Now no need to worry about going; camping, picnic, hunting, or any adventurous journey. This ultimate fence will provide your dog safety anyhow.

The Dnpet is basically a training system; through you can operate your dog by staying home. It creates a slight sound and vibration for controlling your dog. The dog collar of this fence is made with high quality and safe material, which makes it easy to wear.

It can prevent your dog from stress barking by seven modes of vibration. Entire sound and vibration modes are safe; though they can keep your dog silent for a while. DNpet system as an active dog collar that can be operated simply so, set the vibration as per on your dog nature and make him trained. The dog collar is flexible for all kinds of dog breeds. You can use this collar for (6-28) inches neck size easily.

This one is an advanced system that keeps your dog control without digging wires. In case of crossing your planned boundary, the collar receiver will start alerting with a tone. It will produce an electrostatic current mode so, that a pet dog can be controlled to go the restricted side.

The dog receiver is durable, and water resistant. It runs through rechargeable batteries (OP66). DNpet fence can operated a lot of dog collar that you but separately for other dogs.


  1. Control dogs up to 68 acres
  2. Training system
  3. Produce an electro static current
  4. Collar receiver with alerting with a tone
  5. Collar for (6-28) inches neck
  6. Rechargeable batteries
  7. By seven modes of vibration
  • Easy and safe to control.
  • Great coverage.
  • Can be used for other smaller pets also.
  • Different modes of training.
  • Not affordable for every one.
  • Not available globally.

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Taking a dog for a field trip or picnic at a wide farmhouse could be curious; if you a naughty dog. For this problematic situation, science invented a wireless product (dog fence) that can simply control your dog to go far. In this controlling system, we have a transmitter and dog collar that sorts different mode of static current or vibration you letting your dog back to you. The majority of fences have come with waterproof collars and different ranges of coverage. So; choose your required fence as per your dog nature and let him carry for joyful vacations.

Buyer guide for wireless dog fences:

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a wireless dog fence with the best features, then you have to keep in mind multiple points;

  • A fence should be wireless
  • It must give you great coverage
  • Battery timing of your fence should be long last
  • The collar must be waterproofed and durable
  • The static motion modes should be safe
  • Your fence transmitter should be portable and the company should offer the fence with a guaranty

Simply, if your purchased fence has all these features then surely you have picked the most convenient and product for your dog.

Different types of dog fences:

The majority of dog fences come with wires that need to be buried for creating a boundary line, but recently few fences are working remotely without wires. They have a portable dog collar and transmitter. By crossing your created boundary, the transmitter sends altering waves and then the collar produces different vibrations with sound. Surely these fences are working great than old wire dog fences.

Recommended age for fences:

Professionals suggest 6 six month dog for the usage of the fencing. It is only why this age can bear static motion easily. If your dog is not getting your point with these shocks, then you may use training flags also. The maximum age for a dog is about 10 to 12 years, and an adult dog is also can be trained or control through fences.

Toy breeds/puppies and dog fences:

We must suggest that less than 12 lbs weighted dog should not have to use the dog fence system. Larger collars can make their neck itchy and tired. These collars could be challenging to wear; though make your simple dog house train and avoid fences for toy dog breeds or puppies. Furthermore, heavy vibrations or sudden shocks will not be easy for both of these.

Static motion:

A good quality fence system always comes with safe and secure static motion modes. These modes are specially designed with correction shocks. Some modes utilize sounds and vibration while some create a slight shock. Every fence is designed with a different level of demand. Therefore, if you have an active dog breed, then choose a well-shocking fence and for small to medium active dog breeds go with vibration creator fences.

Wireless fences on slopped yards:

Wireless dog fence systems may have trouble at the sloped yard, especially working areas. The transmitter could lose its signals due to up and downland. If your residential area is the same as that, then we must recommend a semi wireless fence system for your pet dog. Wires can be hiding in all slops of land, and also through these wires, a fence will work better without dropping signals.

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